Welcome. Tyrone Donegal Partnership is a community initiative to encourage and develop community and trade links within the Tyrone and Donegal areas of North West Ireland. The organisation was started to encourage Peace & Reconcilation in the regions through a range of initiatives tailored to develop employment opportunites, strengthen communities and provide a platform for breaking barriers within our societies. Tyrone Donegal Partnership was supported by Department of Employment & Learning in Northern Ireland, FAS in Republic of Ireland. It was also supported by the International Fund for Ireland and through European Social Fund Peace II & III. To that end this website shows some historical as well as ongoing projects developed by Tyrone Donegal Partnership.

Initiatives implemented by TDP are wide ranging in terms of both scope and target client groups. A summary of some of the previous/current programmes include:

(a) Business Initiatives
– Cross Border Food Programme (Peace III)
– Cross Border Craft (Interreg II)
– Harnessing Creativity (Interreg IV)
– Inter Media Ireland (Social Economy)
– Virtual Incubation Software Training Academy Software House (Aptcode)

(b) Training and Development
– International Fund for Ireland Wider Horizons Programme 1998 – 2014
– Removing Barriers to Rural Development (IFI/Interreg)
– Border Lives Peace III Programme
– Learner Access Engagement Programme (DEL)
– European Social Fund Practica Enterprise Programme
– Department Social Development Virtual Incubation Software Training Academy

In common with other similar bodies in the sector, Tyrone Donegal Partnership is affected by substantial cuts to funding, and has been focusing on an overarching business priority of sustaining the organisation to continue delivering for the region in the future. Tyrone Donegal Partnership is carving out a new identity and has established a number of social enterprises in the areas of media and software development and training. The organisation has also secured a contract to work in partnership with a local college delivering qualifications in ICT, software development, business and entrepreneurship. This transition has necessitated a restructuring of the organisation during 2014/2015, and currently the CEO leads a team of project managers and co-ordinators each dedicated to the various programmes and social enterprises currently in operation.

(a) European Social Fund:

TDP Practica – Funded by European Social Fund, managed by Department of Employment and Learning (DEL) with training and mentoring support provided by South West College. The Practice Enterprise is a virtual company that runs like a real business silhouetting a real firms business procedures, products and services. The Practice Enterprise is a company set up by students/trainees with assistance of SWC and TDP.

(b) Social Enterprise Opportunities:

Intermedia Ireland – an established social economy media based company within TDP now currently employing 2 full-time employees to manage, develop, market and secure future sales to make it a sustainable trading arm of TDP.
– Learning Solutions Ireland – TDP management and staff to support the development of new learning opportunities for this start-up social economy business idea. Still at early stages of development
– Aptcode Solutions (VISTA) – Aptcode Solutions is the proposed new Software Solutions house within the VISTA programme to help establish our third social economy business opportunity. The project has funding for 6 months from DSD, with future revenue streams coming from Software development sales. The software team consists of 5 developers and 1 administration person.

Tyrone Donegal Partnership engages in the implementation of a challenging set of cross border development initiatives. It adopts an inclusive approach to socio-economic development by accommodating the views and plans of individuals, businesses, groups and communities.It seeks an appropriate response from governments, their departments and agencies, none whose help and partnership could not function effectively.
TDP aims to develop itself as a sustainable cross border community organisation using a blended approach of project funding and social economy business development opportunities.